Who We Are

Ike Foundation for Autism (IFA) is a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to serving all persons living with Autism in Africa and supporting them to live productive and fulfilling lives, irrespective of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, income levels or gender.  IFA was established in 2008. It is registered in Nigeria and Maryland, USA respectively. Since its inception, IFA has evolved as an important Autism voice in Africa. It collaborates with local, African, and international NGOs to promote Autism awareness and advocacy across Africa. IFA has forged strategic partnerships with a number of other Autism NGOs in West Africa and plans to build such partnerships across all the sub-regions of Africa.

IFA’s vision is to eliminate Autism stigma in Africa while providing expert services.

IFA’s mission is to HEAL Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Africa and enable all persons living with ASD achieve their full potential and live productive lives. 

Our core values are compassion, integrity, inclusiveness and acceptance.

What We Do

IFA aims to HEAL ASD through dedicated support services in Health, Education, Awareness and Advocacy, and Learning



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We have put in place a structure that makes assessment & diagnosis more accessible to persons who may be on the spectrum.


Autism does not have a cure, but Early Intervention offers the best chance at a normal life. At IFA, we offer early childhood intervention.

Advocacy & Awareness

Autism awareness in Africa is extremely low. A central aspect of IFA’s work is to improve awareness around the condition in Africa.

Learning & Support

Our physical and online libraries hold vast collections of scholarly and other information about autism spectrum disorder.

Our Partners