Niyi's Autism Diary Part 2

The Olaitans, having ruled out the possibility of genetic causes from Niyi’s disorder, both agreed that there had to be a spiritual undertone to the situation; Niyi’s illness seemed mysterious and could not be put down to anything common or plausible;

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COVID-19: How The Pandemic Has Affected Persons Living With Autism In Africa

Many neurotypical people describe coronavirus and the lockdown period as mentally exhausting

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Niyi's Autism Diary

Most Autism stories are riddled with a litany of woes, and almost always leave the listener or reader more disheartened than inspired.

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Gender-Based Violence Against Autistic Women In Africa

I shudder to think about how many instances there must be in Africa . . . hidden, unheard of, not spoken about.

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Five Ways To Cope With Parenting An Autistic Child

Just in case you are already getting overwhelmed with caring for your child/ward with Autism, or they just got diagnosed with ASD, not to worry, we have provided a few tips here to help you cope in difficult times.

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Autism and Poverty In Africa

The prevalence of poverty in Africa in concert with extreme levels of illiteracy and ignorance creates the unfortunate status quo of autism not being sufficiently understood

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