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The world is going through one of the hardest times with Coronavirus being a pandemic. In Nigeria and other affected countries, the government have asked people to stay indoors. Offices and most private companies have shut down temporarily, employees are now working from home; there are good and bad effects to this, good ones being that you get more time for yourself; the bad ones can be different unhealthy routines that you tend to develop during this time; having too much food, sleeping for longer hours, spending time on TV and mobile can affect your health in a negative way that is why you must adopt a healthy lifestyle while staying at home during this Coronavirus time. If you are a disabled person, there are many productive ways to spend these times.

Priya Bhargav who is a psychologist says that the current time brings many opportunities.

I feel Corona has given us the opportunity to reanalyze or sort out our lives and resolve things which we were keeping for adequately sufficient time. I got to learn some recipes, arranged my wardrobe, discarded unwanted stuff and renovated some portions of my house. You can write poetry, make beautiful paintings, read books, maintain gardens, spend time with family and even connect with old friends; try and even do yoga from watching videos.

Sitting at home during Coronavirus times? Here are some ways to keep a healthy routine.


Meditation can do wonders: One of the main excuses that people make to avoid meditation is that they do not have time, but now you have a lot of time that is precisely why you must meditate. If you are finding it difficult to try it out talk to experts, talk about how to do it in the right way. Spending time meditating can relieve you off a lot of stress.

Work out helps: Officials have warned people to stay away from gyms where Coronavirus can spread at a rapid rate, but there are many physical exercises that you can try out while at home. If you are someone who is not used to workouts, check out YouTube videos that can guide you in the right manner.

Stay connected: Many people are in isolation and others are quarantined in homes and hospitals, for those people it is hard to connect with their loved ones. If you are stuck inside your home, do not feel sad about missing your loved ones make sure to connect with them through video calls and chats.

Start doing something you love: There are many activities that you must have kept aside due to your busy schedule; this can be trying out a new recipe, writing a story or poetry or even knitting a shirt. This is the time to indulge in your favorite activities and trying out your luck with new things.

Now that we have a lot of tim we can start doing things that we wanted to; experiment with your skills, Watch YouTube videos for more information. This is the time to change yourself and rejuvenate; spend time with family, play with children, do creative things or even meditation.

Remember, this is not your vacation period. This is a time to be extremely careful and watchful of your health. Take all precautions and measures to stay safe.



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