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Headaches in Children with Autism

     Headaches in Children with Autism


Apart from the social interaction and behavioral challenges in children with autism; it can also cause some other health challenges, Constant headaches are one such health issue that may exist in the lives of people with autism.

Autism has impact on social and developmental skill of a person and can pose challenges through life, academically socially and professionally. It has been found that some people and children with autism experience constant headaches and migraines apart from some other health issues that come with the disorder.

The occurrence of headache is not very common symptom and only some people are affected by them.

People and children with sensory hyperactivity, over anxiety, stress is more likely to experience migraines or headaches. However, a child with autism particularly those who are non-verbal may not be able to describe the pain they feel or talk about their physical health problems due to communication barrier, Parents should pay attention if the child is complaining of head pain or exhibits any signs of discomfort associated with headaches.

It is important for parents to understand this and pay more attention to their health.

Headaches can occur in some kids with autism who are head banger and use the action as stimming.

stimming in children with autism

Injury to the head is common in children that stim by hitting or banging their heads on hard surfaces. Another reason of headaches could be the Gastrointestinal Disorders or GI disorders that are common in people with autism. GI disorders can cause inflammation that may result in headaches in a child. Therapy, stress relieving activities and medications can help provide relief from the symptoms

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