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Some tips to stay positive when you have a disability

Some tips to stay positive when you have a disability

For every person, having goals and ambitions are important. When you have a disability, following them can be challenging. But that must not stop anyone from reaching out for the stars. In order to lead a healthy life, a positive outlook is essential. Some days, this might seem difficult as you might get angry, upset, isolated and denied. But a strong person always gathers together the broken pieces to start afresh.

There are many ways to overcome a disability. Mainly, giving enough time for yourself and nurturing the best in you, focusing on the present and leaving aside the past, asking for support from people around you and looking out for opportunities can help individuals. Having a disability is not the end of a tunnel. Rather, it is a new beginning to learn and unwind new things.

Find ability in your disability. Create what you can and work on making things better. I feel that a positive mind and outlook is the most essential thing.

Here are some tips to stay positive when you have a disability

  • Look at the good aspects of life– There are many things to do and explore in the world, regardless of whether you have a disability or not. If you are someone who loves nature and animals, spend more time with them. Enjoy creating a beautiful art piece? Find time and work on it. Basically, dull moments can cause more stress, anxiety and boredom. An idle mind is definitely the devil’s workshop. So try and look out for things that interest you. Life is indeed beautiful.
  • Set your expectations carefully– It is always important to measure yourself without any comparison. Only you know your talents and what you are best at. So when you set your expectations, it must be for your own self. There might be many people to pull you down instead of helping you grow. It is important to know your self-worth and set goals accordingly.
  • Take care of your health– A healthy body and mind is essential to have a positive outlook towards life. When you have a disability, you need to find out the right exercises to work on along with having a healthy diet. All this helps a person to stay positive, regardless of a disability. Understand that a disability is going to be there with you for life long but that does not determine who the person you are.
  • Look at a brighter future– In the past, every person must have undergone trauma and tragedies. Sometimes, you might have met with an accident due to which you became disabled. But what does the future hold for you? That is the most important question. Work on ways to create joy in your life and in others life as well. Every human has their own strengths and weaknesses. Look at the brighter side of life.
  • “Get creative and indulge yourself in all things good and stay positive. If you love arts or sports, go for it and try to learn it in-depth. I love creating funny content on social media and sending it across to friends. I get motivated while doing it and also gets a lot of good response from others that helps to boost my confidence. Don’t feel that you are alone because that is when negative thoughts hit you real bad”, says Pulkit.


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