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Pro. Manny C. Aniebonam
President and CEO Afrihub and President (NITPA

Prof. Manny C Aniebonam is the Founder and National President of the Nigerian IT Professionals in the Americas (NITPA), a U.S-based organization of diverse Information Technology practitioners in the Diaspora. He is currently the President and CEO of AfriHUB LLC, a United States company focusing on corporate intervention on digital divide issues in Africa, engaged in several initiatives at several Nigerian tertiary institutions with intervention programs including universal mandatory IT training, Train the trainers, and career development programs with special attention to appropriate skills application.

A Doctoral degree graduate of The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Prof. Manny Aniebonam has for many years been associated with several research-1 universities in the United States including the Computer Information Systems programs at The George Washington University and Howard University, both in Washington DC, USA. With professional background in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Prof Manny Aniebonam, prior to pursuing a career in the academia had over sixteen years experience working in Fortune 100 companies as an Information Systems Developer, Database Administrator, IT Consultant and Project Manager, with exceptionally expert knowledge of information systems development, deployment and support. Past organizational affiliations include the World Bank, Mobil Oil Corporation, and the U.S Armed Forces (Department of Defense) DNA Identification Laboratory. His involvement with the IT industry developed him into a dynamic contributor in building of necessary bridges towards integral application of scholastic research findings to the development of database applications and Information Management Systems. To this end, Dr. Aniebonam’s professional experience and research interests include sustainable capacity building, performance issues in distributed databases over Wide Area Networks, application of Information Systems methods to higher education, and ICT policy intervention towards global digital divide. A long-time member of IEEE Computer Society, he was a recipient of a Howard University’s 2000 Teacher of the year Award, a Mobil Oil Corporation’s Award for Technical Excellence, and a United States DoD Eagle Award for development of application software used by the U.S Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL) in response to September 11 2001 terrorist incident. Dr. Aniebonam’s work in these and other areas of interest are published in diverse Information Technology refereed journals and proceedings.