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Tips to make writing fun for children with autism

Tips to make writing fun for children with autism


Learning to write can be stressful and uninteresting for children in general, for autistic children it can be a lot harder and uninteresting too; autism parents and teachers must work together to enhance this experience for children to make it fun for them.

Autism is not a learning disability, but it can make learning and sometimes even writing difficult for children and adults under the spectrum, Parents and teachers must work together to ensure that autistic children enjoy the process instead of getting bored; So whether it is writing at school, doing homework or attending an exam, they must enjoy writing to make the best out of whatever they are doing. Some simple techniques and tips can make it fun.

Most importantly, parents and teachers must understand a child’s limitations and work accordingly so that the child gets the best, especially parents because they see their children on daily basis.

The needs of each child and adult under the spectrum are different hence, requirements would be child specific; the ideal thing to do is to understand their strengths and weakness in order to know what suits them best;


Here are tips to make writing fun for children with autism.

  • Introduce art– Children with autism can relate well with visuals and colors. So for a child who does not like to write nor has difficulties with writing art can come to the rescue to a large extent. Art helps to improve fine motor skills and other skills needed for writing. So get some water colors and sketch pens. Let your child explore.
  • Look out for activities they love– It is important to get creative and think out of the box. Try and see what can be used to enhance the learning experience for the child. They do not have to always try out writing on paper alone. Encourage them to write on newspapers or even other books.
  • Be patient– Teaching something new to a child with or without disability can be stressful sometimes. Parents and teachers must be patient and let the child learn new techniques without stressing them out. Are they taking too much time? Let them try it out and learn on their own.
  • Know your child’s limitations– Each kid has different needs and requirements. This includes for those under the autism spectrum as well. Do not expect a technique that worked with one child to work with another. During the teaching process, look out for the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Children with autism are good visual learners and are even good with art. So starting off by helping them write on sand is a great idea and also fun. Today, there are many games available in the market which helps introduce kids to writing in a better and fun way”,

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